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Missouri Auto Dealers' give back. A $26,876 donation helps build safe room for Irving Elementary School in Joplin, Missouri.

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  • OSHA Changes Hazard Communication Standard - "Globally Harmonized Standard"

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  • Important Notice from MADA About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

  • UP Payment Solutions

    UP Payment Solutions – UP-graded Technology, Security and Support UP Payment Solutions, has teamed up with MADA and a few of the finest Payment Processors and Technology Providers, offering dealers the best possible price for following services:

  • Credit / Debit Card Processing
  • Mobile Payments / eCommerce Solutions
  • Loyalty / Gift Card Acceptances
  • Check / ACH Guarantee (Hold Checks)
  • Virtual Terminals/ POS Software & Hardware
  • Security (PCI Compliance)
  • Technology Services & MORE!
  • With 14 years’ experience in the payments industry, my goals have not changed in respect to the importance of relationships and support. Your dealership deserves to have a trusted partner in the payment industry, that you can rely on for years to come.

    Please contact Julie R. Douglas, for a no-obligation, cost and service analysis today!

    Julie R. Douglas

    President of Sales & Relationships
    Mobile – 314.578.3142, eFax – 314.218.3506
    UP Payment Solutions, LLC
    3497 New Town Lake Drive
    Saint Charles, MO 63301
    UP Payment Solutions | UP Payment Solutions | UP Payment Solutions


    The SmartLink Unit takes the place of timers and photo cells and works on a latitude/longitude basis, thus it moves with the sun. SmartLink allows the zonig of lights at night which results in large energy savings. The customer is notified by email if there is a power outage or someone opens our unit. When power is restored our unit automatically resets as it does when there is a time change. The average utility savings for a dealership is $900 a month and the average ROI is 5 months. This is very affordable technology and is very user friendly.

    For more information please contact:

    Andy Denny

    PowerLink Controller, LLC
    PO Box 346
    Columbus, IN 47202

    American Fidelity Assurance Company - Health Care Reform Timeline

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