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The Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) is extremely excited and pleased to announce that after nearly 6 months of research, the MADA Executive Committee approved the purchase of the franchise rights to own and operate in the entire state of Missouri

What does this mean for members of MADA?

Dealer members of MADA own an automotive website (in on-line speak this is sometimes referred to as an automotive vertical).  Instead of relying on, and paying fees to third party sites to advertise and display your inventory, your ownership of this industry parking lot allows dealers to control its on-line destiny just like the real estate business has done with its MLS (multi-listing service).

For more than 12 years, has provided results for dealers following a dealer-first philosophy. is the top automotive web-site in its headquartered state, Minnesota and MADA is confident it will be number 1 in Missouri, too.  CarSoup is a national organization and is currently being represented through various media outlets in over 70 cities.  In Missouri, for the past 6 years, it has been partnered in this way with the local St. Louis NBC affiliate, KSDK-TV.

MADA is launching the first of its $2,000,000.00 media advertising campaign on January 1, 2011 in the St. Louis and Columbia/Jefferson City media markets. will be advertised in prime on KSDK-TV, FOX-2, St. Louis Post Dispatch, FOX Sports Midwest (Cardinals & Blues), Charter Cable, KMIZ and the St. Louis Auto Show.

MADA’s roll-out business plan is to launch in the Kansas City/St. Joseph media markets by early Spring 2011, the Cape Girardeau media market by Summer of 2011, the Springfield media market by Fall of 2011 and the media market by Winter 2011.

Here are just a few of the philosophical reasons why MADA has chosen to take on the challenge of reigning in and controlling the madness surrounding the on-line/web medium of researching, buying and selling vehicles:

One, this medium is not going to go away any time soon;

Two, directs your customer base to your vehicles first (based on the model being searched) before they start seeing the same vehicles in other markets or states, as well as your finance products only, your service shop only, and, your credit application only for interested finance customers (not a national lending chain);

Three, advertises in your market consistently, not just on Super Bowl Sunday and the latest sports play-offs;

Four, doesn’t sell your inventory and information to everyone in the free world (this helps keep you from buying back your very own leads);

Five, MADA isn’t a Fortune 500 company, or a mega-media conglomerate…MADA’s will consistently invest in local media buys, not continue to increase dealer advertising costs in order to buy more “customer empowering stuff”;

Six, is designed for the dealer…it is the only on-line vehicle vertical that isn’t owned or operated by media…it is yours…dealers must learn that empowering other on-line vehicle verticals with their own inventory, only provides control for the media to consistently increase and control advertising costs.