MADA has several insurance programs that members can offer to their employees to enhance their benefits package. Groups can enroll any number of employees (no minimum participation requirements) in dental, short-term disability, optional life, or basic life with accident & disability policies. Any combination of these plans can be offered, and the group will receive one invoice for all enrollments each month. All MADA members, including Associate members, are eligible to enroll in these plans.

MADA has its own self-funded reimbursement Dental plans - Gold and Platinum - that are available to MADA members only. There are no dental networks to worry about, and all ADA accepted treatments are covered. Orthodontia is included for all enrollees, not just for children. To learn more about the “Platinum & Gold" plans please click here: Dental Insurance

Also available is dental insurance through The Guardian. This is a traditional insurance plan where a percentage of your treatment cost will be covered by insurance, and there are different in-network and out-of-network coverages. Orthodontia can be offered for children.

Optional Life, Basic Life, and Short-Term Disability are also available through The Guardian. Groups can choose to offer any of these options individually or in any combination, including with the MADA Dental plans. For more information on any of these plans or for a quote, contact MADA’s Judy Hale at 573.634.3011 ext. 170 or email