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MADA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund is a group of dealers formed for the specific purpose of providing statutory Workers’ Compensation. MADA’s Fund is designed to benefit the participating members by controlling costs, limiting accidents through safety and loss control, aggressive claims management, providing stable rates and/or surplus distributions. Additionally, MADA provides a way for members to gain control over the injuries and claim costs, while providing a substantial pool of resources to share in the cost of claims and related expenses.

MADA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund was established November 1, 1982. MADA’s program is one of the very few original, operational Missouri self-insured workers’ compensation funds. All excess profit is returned to the participating members in the form of reduced rates, safety credits or surplus distributions.

A volunteer Board of Trustees (dealers) directs the operations of the Fund. The Fund has active Safety, Underwriting, Financial and Claim Committees that oversees the specific areas of the Fund’s operations and report to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Trustees at regular meetings.

The Fund has returned over $6m in surplus distributions and $3.4m in safety related performance based premium credits and is in a very strong financial position with a surplus ratio over 1:1.