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Worker's Compensation Fund Programs

MADA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund is a group of dealers formed for the specific purpose of providing statutory Workers’ Compensation. MADA’s Fund is designed to benefit the participating members by controlling costs, limiting accidents through safety and loss control, aggressive claims management, providing stable rates and/or surplus distributions. Additionally, MADA provides a way for members to gain control over the injuries and claim costs, while providing a substantial pool of resources to share in the cost of claims and related expenses.

MADA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund was established November 1, 1982. MADA’s program is one of the very few original, operational Missouri self-insured workers’ compensation funds. All excess profit is returned to the participating members in the form of reduced rates, safety credits or surplus distributions.

A volunteer Board of Trustees (dealers) directs the operations of the Fund. The Fund has active Safety, Underwriting, Financial and Claim Committees that oversees the specific areas of the Fund’s operations and report to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Trustees at regular meetings.

The Fund has returned over $6m in surplus distributions and $3.4m in safety related performance based premium credits and is in a very strong financial position with a surplus ratio over 1:1.

For more information about the savings and services available through MADA’s program including a no-obligation quote, please contact Sherri Knoll or Sabrina Bates at 800-246-2667.

Title Service

MADA, MPSDA, and MRVDA members may use this service to obtain expedited titles when the need arrives. Personal attention is given to all your title needs in a much shorter time than the regular process if you chose to go directly through the Missouri Department of Revenue. We offer an expedited title service for a fee of $14.00 plus the official fees charged by the DOR. Please contact  Jennifer Merlo, Juanita Graham, Brock Thornton or Tricia Watts at MADA's Title Service, 573-761-1010.

Click here for the MADA Title Service Fee Chart with the new fees.


Child Support Lien List Service

Trading for a vehicle with a child support lien on it can be a real headache. Protect yourself by checking the Missouri Department of Revenue's online lien list at

Dental & Life Insurance Program

We offer two plans under the MADA Dental Program. The MADA Dental Program is designed for and offered exclusively to MADA members. It is self-funded through MADA. This program may be offered to your employees as a voluntary employee paid benefit or as a full or partially employer paid benefit. This plan covers all ADA treatment codes, including orthodontia for children or adults, and does not require the use of “network” providers.

To learn more about the offered insurance plans, please click here: General Insurance Information
To learn more about available dental plans, please click here: Dental Insurance

*Dental, life, and short-term disability insurance from The Guardian are also available to MADA members.

Contact Judy Hale for answers to all Dental and Life Insurance questions. 573-634-3011 ext. 170

Dealer Bond Service

Members may secure their $50,000 or $100,000 dealer bond through MADA. This bond is required by law and must be submitted with your application for dealer’s license and renewals each year. For more information call 573-761-1020.

Dateline Bulletins

Dateline, MADA’s newsletter, is emailed to all MADA members on a bi-weekly basis. This publication contains the latest news regarding State and Federal rules and regulations pertaining to business and the automotive industry. Additional information is provided in order to keep members up-to-date on events, news, and requirements affecting our members’ daily business operations.

Automotive Business Forms

MADA offers, below commercial cost, nearly all the forms used in your dealership every day. Whether they are customized, imprinted or stock, all forms can be ordered through the MADA office. Ad specialty items are also available, such as: license plate frames, inserts, trailer hitch covers, decals, car paper wallets, oil change stickers, and custom carpet floor mats. Please visit our online catalog by going to

Before ordering forms at, please read these instructions for creating your account.

Optimum Dealer Service

Optimum Dealers Services was formed as a partnership between Missouri Auto Dealers Association and the St Louis Auto Dealers Association to deliver premium products and services to maximize profitability for our members. Our goal is to provide a higher level of service and strengthen the partnerships between the associations and the members they serve.

Optimum Dealer Services takes the time to meet, interview, and determine if a vendor is right for the dealer members we serve. With an array of products and services, from F&I Income Development, to payment processing, to oil and chemicals, Optimum chooses only premium partners and negotiates a competitive price for our members.

Optimum Dealer Services’ number one goal is to serve our dealer members. We are here to do the legwork for the Dealer principle, so they can do what’s important: run the dealership, sell more cars, and increase profitability.  We are looking out for our members, and using our time to research top companies in the market. We only provide the best partners. When an Automotive Dealer meets with Optimum, they are meeting an extension of their dealership.

For more information on our recommended partners, visit .

The ACE Group

The ACE Group is an industry leader in automotive consulting products and services that help our dealer partners boost profitability, and more importantly, increase customer satisfaction and retention. We offer a broad range of Finance & Insurance (F&I) solutions, in addition to providing expert training and support for all dealership personnel.

We are constantly seeking out and vetting new niche products in the current marketplace. This allows us to tailor a sales system and product offering to your specific store’s needs. You will never have a cookie-cutter big box store package or sales system pushed on you when you partner with The ACE Group. We realize every store stands on its own with its own unique set of struggles.

We know and understand the unique challenges that dealers face every day and we’re dedicated to providing you with strategies to effectively compete in today’s automotive retail market – all while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and integrity.